[Brand Identity 3D Motion Graphic]

Cinema4D, After Effects

The Mastercard logo represents openness, clarity, transparency, and accessibility in financial transactions. The red color in the logo signifies passion, energy, and dynamism, reflecting Mastercard's commitment to innovation and forward-thinking in the financial industry. The yellow color represents joy, optimism, and positivity, reflecting the positive impact and benefits that Mastercard aims to bring to its customers and partners. Transparent spheres were used to express the transparency of Mastercard, and the multitude of spheres symbolizes users all over the world. The energy of Mastercard is conveyed through the journey of the spheres.

︎ About Mastercard
︎ Why chose a circle as a logo - The circle of the logo means accessibility and connectivity.

︎Why combine the two circles - These circles symbolize the partnership between consumers, banks, and merchants in the global financial ecosystem.
                                                                Also represent the seamless transactions facilitated by Mastercard across borders and currencies.

︎ Keywords
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